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Homeowners Insurance in Mount Pleasant, SC

One tragic accident can ruin your home and belongings. Home insurance can help protect you financially if the unthinkable happens, and Blue Granite Insurance can ensure you have adequate financial protection. Whether it’s with a no-obligation quote on home coverage or evaluating your current policy to ensure you have adequate protection, we can help you with the best home policy to suit your needs.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance is a package policy that covers your home, personal property and liability. Liability coverage offers protection if you or a family member causes bodily injury or property damage to someone or if a guest is injured on your property. It also provides coverage for repairing your dwelling or other covered structures on your property and repairing or replacing your insured personal belongings following a covered incident. A home insurance policy may also cover your additional living expenses, such as a hotel, meals and other living expenses—up to your policy limit—if you need to live elsewhere during the repair process.

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need?

Figuring out the amount of insurance you need for your home can be challenging. If you have financed your home, you may need to meet your lender’s specific requirements. Nonetheless, you want to purchase enough coverage for financial protection from a covered event. You may add endorsements or other policy coverage, such as flood insurance if your South Carolina home is potentially at risk for flooding.

How Much Is Home Insurance?

The cost of home insurance will vary depending on the insurer and your policy and its inclusions. Your home’s value, the value of your possessions, past claims history, additional policy endorsements and supplemental insurance may affect your overall policy premium. We can review your coverage needs to help you understand your policy premium and ensure you have the home protection you want.

Protection for South Carolina Homeowners

Blue Granite Insurance can protect you against the many risks you may face as a homeowner—and meet your lender’s requirements. Call 843-352-3267 for your no-obligation home insurance quote, or visit our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, office to speak with one of our insurance professionals.

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